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Kylie Jenner talks about stretch marks on her breasts

The fort is famous for getting the real air with its followers, this is the reason that when the pregnancy rumors came up, the planet was surprised and there was not a nap from our flock Jenner. However, in the real fortress fashion, he made us all a solid concrete. how? Q did not show that she gave birth to a baby, although she also made a full compilation video of her pregnancy, so we can say that we were on her experience. (Thank you girl!).

Since the birth of Baby Stormy, Kylie makes some adjustments to her social media routine. For some time, she said that she would not post more because of her child's abduction of photographs. Then, he broke the seal and again started publishing irregular paintings.

While Stormi said on Instagram, Kylie ensures that her personal selfie photos are coming. After publishing photographs of herself in a swimwear immediately after having a child, the person "Backstage" about the WTF "WTF?" Were.

But Kylie recently set the record straight to how pregnancy changes to all the bodies, including its body, and how it can be a powerful but extra-really beautiful thing.

On July 6, Kelly published a YouTube video in his YouTube channel which presented a Q & A with his BFF Jordan Woods. In Vid, Kylie responded to the questions of followers, and he had nothing left.

When Jordan was asked about his weight loss, Kali discussed that he wants to start the exercise. "After the Stormi, I feel like people believe that I bounced fast, which I think I have done everything right in it and people sometimes get a wrong idea on Instagram."

Again, the fort got real AF about becoming a young mother. She says, "Especially in such an early age, your body to go through this kind of change that is physically, psychologically and emotionally challenging," she says. "This is an extravagant thing, and it was such a great pregnancy and birth, and I am very happy and I will do the same thing again."

And he gave some understanding of how his body developed after having Stormi. "Like, my boobs are definitely 3 times the size, which bothers me. There are stretch marks on my breast," Ky says. "You understand, my stomach is not the same, my waist is not the same, and my butt is big, my thighs are big ... this is just a change. I am searching for something to change my style because I Nothing is appropriate beforehand. "

When Stormy looks like him, when asked about this, Kili said that he actually makes a big deal in a department. "One thing which I was less about him," Kylie says. "She is the most ideal lip in the world, she did not get her from me. I thank her father for all of them."

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