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'Nanet' does not just increase the comedy, it is a tampering comment on power and shame

"You will not listen to a much expanded set of art history in the comedy show," Hannah Gadsby said after a series of special nanets near her Netflix standup, in which she tells the central theory of Cubism and its founder Pablo Picasso Exposes to your uncurbed misogyny.

Art history that holds for us, has a deep diving, however, is far from the most unusual part of the nanet - an hour of transformative television that first goes forward, and then very basic of stand-up comedy Actively rejects.

Grassies grown in Australia's island state of Tasmania have been renowned for years in their home country - as well as internationally at the international level stand-up circuits for more than a decade But for those watching enthusiastic television, they are remembered to play a fictional version of themselves - comedy actor Josh Thomas's television series, please like me, sad and dark humorous Hannah.

The name of the nanet is named after a woman, whom Gedby summarized in a café but nothing to do with the show. Instead, the Gadsby starts with a lot of material that he has done during his career. He jokes about raising a homosexual in a conservative small town, and how proud parades and rainbow flags are very heavy and tiring for him. "Where should the quiet gay go?"

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