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Priyanka Chopra is 'the first of its kind from Bollywood', so there is another biography

Books about 'Priyanka Chopra' are increasingly becoming a category with its corner of the bookstore. Priyanka Chopra of The Ultimate Chhabra is The Incredible Story of a Global Bollywood Star (Roapa Prakashan). 35-year-old actress journalist's 256 page biography film journalist Bharti S. Pradhan's Priyanka Chopra in The Dark Horse in June and Chopra's private essay has been announced as her book Unfinish, which will be out next year.

Shashi Kapoor: The Hauser, the star's author, Chabra also joked, "I was the only one to write a book on Priyanka Chopra and suddenly all started writing."

Like Dark Horse, Chhabra's book is an informal biography, but it started differently. Chabra said, "I went in the process of talking to Anjula Acharya, who is a Priyanka's team and Priyanka's team in America, as I had prepared this book for writing." "But after many people, while communicating with many messages and emails forward and forward and their lawyers, I was told that he was doing a book of his own and his publishers did not have permission to speak to any other writer Had given. "

Chhabra was also sitting in a meeting with Chopra's lawyers, in which she was told that if she is given access to people involved in the development of the US and her career, she will have to show the manuscript before publication. "I asked him if he meant that he would reject some things or suggest changes, and he later said," he said. "I talked to my publishers and they agreed. But all this came down to the fact that he was not finally allowed to talk to me, so the plan for my book had to be changed."

Chhabra decided that he would go anyway, especially when the time seemed right. He said, "I was prepared for the idea of ​​writing about him sometime in November 2016." "At that time, he was shooting for the second season of Quantico and there was speculation about whether the third season would or not. But, there was already a story - an Indian, top-ranking Bollywood actress, who is a very small Started from the city, became Miss World and after that it became a big star in India and eventually become a star in America. Nobody was able to achieve this way. "

Chhabra, who has lived in the US for many decades, started tracking Chopra's career since his first release in 2012, My Mai City. "I thought I could bring something new to the table and felt that the time was the right to tell this story of a journey," he said. "That's why I call it an incredible journey."

Biography includes Chopra's childhood, his modeling career, Miss India and Miss World Pageant and his main Hindi films. The final chapters extend their career in America, including their successful working music tenure and their casting in the popular ABC series Quantico. These lessons provide insight into how Chopra broke the American entertainment market.

Chabra opposes successful crossover with Chopra's visit to other Bollywood stars. Chabra said, "Often, Aishwarya's [Rai Bachchan] name comes because Hollywood has had a great effort to push its career but it has not gone anywhere." "In all the interviews, none of the films have been taken and apart from this, he will be embarrassed away from the question that he will kiss on the screen, make sex scenes and likewise, Priyanka completely contacted him. He was entering a new market, he played his cards separately, and he was the first of his kind from Bollywood. "

The book ends on a cliffenzer. Quantico will end after the end of his third season, and Chopra is returning to Hindi films. Chhabra said, "I had to draw another line." "When I wrote a book on Shashi Kapoor, it was very clear that his career had ended. In the case of Priyanka, I expect every day and pray that something new has not happened. I have a warning on Google And I still get alerts. "

Chhabra finally pulled the line when it became clear that Quantico was canceled. "It was known that he was going back to India to be a star opposite Salman Khan, but when we were going to the press, news about Nick Jonas came out and he got out," he said with Chopra Said about the relationship of. "But how far we can keep writing!"

One important difference between the books of Principal and Chhabra is that there are different sets of people in each. Chhabra has considered the main films in Chopra's career: Andaz, Bluffmaster !, Kamini, 7 Khoon Majha, Don and Don 2, Dostana and Dil Chadakne. Chabra said, "I wanted to reach people behind these films because I wanted those important moments in Priyanka's career and I wanted to hear from them how she had developed as an actress." "When you see eggs or even AtraRaj, acting is not very good, which she herself has mentioned - that she was not an actress at the beginning."

If he had been driven to Chopra, then Chabra would have more information about her childhood. Chabra said, "I wanted to hear more about my childhood in America." "There is something that I think is staying here for so long and there was a lot to estimate by the material I researched. I would love to hear more about some movie roles, whose tops are top Despite this, he would be the third billing. How did that work happen and how was he so safe in himself? "

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