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Since India's top court decides on Section 377, Kochi art shows help to understand same-sex intimacy

Mahesh is an engineer in Kochi, an IT company and day night painter. At the end of the day, he helped improve his skills with the help of online tutorials and make the pictures that focus on your favorite subject: the intimacy of the male body.

Mahesh said, "I have not come out as a gay yet." "You know, breaking the bonds and freeing yourself in Kerala, so I express myself. I feel relieved when I brought a work complete art." The 30-year-old believes that "its life will change", once its art symmetry is displayed in an exhibition of intimacy between the same gender in the history museum Kerala, July 14 in Kochi, on July 21.

This symmetry II organized by Queerala, an organization based in Kerala who wants to have better visibility for important issues for the community, will be performed by seven artists from India and abroad, who are rare about their experiences of the world. And the statements to the statements which are still reluctant to accept their sexual orientation.

For example, in one of his paintings, two young farmers with Mahesh Nadra Fadre, their heads have a banana garden, flowers are collected from banana bananas and they are wrapped in a traditional cotton towel. To untrained eyes, this can be a work of art, but a myth breaks about the intimacy between the same sex. Mahesh said, "One common belief is that same-sex intimacy exists only in the middle class and upper-middle-class societies." "I want to tell the world through this work that romance happens everywhere, there is no difference between a class or a caste for the same sex among people of the same gender."

With a purpose:-

In 2011, the work of five artists was shown in the first edition of Homomofimes conducted in Kochi. Quilla founder Jiju Kurikows and artists based in Kochi are part of the exhibition. "We have decided to continue this because many people have reached us."

Apart from this, he insisted that the judiciary still supports the judiciary under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which acts as a sexual sexual assault. "And the actors come from different geographical and linguistic backgrounds, so their work is very different."

Photographs and water colors of Jizzu Kurikos focus on the different aspects of men's body and intimate intercourse. One, the title of Geraa, shows a gay couple on Kerala's geographical map - "It represents the gay community in Kerala," she said. Photos are mostly black and white and catch close moments between community members. Jiju shot them all in Kariyakos rainbow knight, where they joined the LGBITUC community in Kochi. "It is impossible to shoot this picture outdoors. Rainbow Nestor Kiar is the most comfortable place for the community."

Aishwarya says that his work is invented by means of his lens, "[other] it can be different from the attitude of humans." On the progress of digital media work, Pallavi says, the invisible power of her actions shows that people love to connect - .. "Most of the views of the work of same sex intimacy tell, but industry can be more than one explanation of any work, so I only understand [the view] for the audience." To get his Master's Degree in Arts from Visva-Bharati in Kolkata Arvin said, his 15 work is very personal. "They are all about my experience," he said.

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