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To help smartphone brands to connect better with Facebook India consumers

To help smartphone brands to connect better with Facebook India consumers: With the penetration of mobile and internet on the rise in India, Facebook India is ready to prepare companies starting from the smartphone industry, which will be available to consumers With the right disturbance and eliminates heavy revenue loss due to friction, the executive of a top company is here on Wednesday

The social media company said that this will help smartphone makers reduce their consumer drop-off from their purchase journey, which will make possible revenue of $ 3.1 billion for smartphone brands by 2022.

Facebook will act as a catalyst to make companies aware that this is a tremendous opportunity and will prepare solutions for them to achieve it.

Facebook team tells IANS that Facebook will help team companies and manufacturers to design targeted products, based on their products, Sandeep Bhushan, Director, Facebook India and South Asia.

India is currently the second largest smartphone market globally and is expecting to kill 1.4 billion unique mobile subscribers by 2022.

We are also working with our partners to bring more capabilities. Consumers are ready, waiting to buy more through the smartphone.

Bhushan said that the onsite companies are to eliminate the consumer dropout on their way to understand and buy as soon as possible.

To help marketers understand why the consumers left the purchase, Facebook announced the Zero Friction Future Program in which several industry research reports were put together by global research firm KPMG. The story is in primary research and insights for the survey are being organized by Nielsen.

The study said that 66 percent of consumers have friction accounts for overall dropout, while 34 percent of consumer dropout is responsible for media friction, resulting in a revenue loss of about $ 22 billion.

Bhushan says, with the launch of the 'Zero Friction Future' program, we want to help businesses adopt relevant mobile marketing strategies to provide a seamless purchase experience to help consumers win and increase sales.

During purchasing smartphones and media friction, about two-thirds consumption dropouts of the consumer dropout highlighting friction accounts are the title of abatement to buy the report in the smartphone path, which contributes to about one-third of the dropout is.

Currently, mobile smartphone purchases influence 58 percent of the purchase, which is equal to $ 8.5 billion in sales and is expected to increase by 1.8x to 73 percent and affect sales of $ 15.6 billion in sales by 2022 .

Facebook affects 33 percent purchase decisions, which is equivalent to a sales of $ 4.8 billion, and it is expected to increase 20 times to 44 percent and by 2022 sales of 9.5 billion dollars.

"When it comes to more than 300 million Indian smartphone market, then we are all right for both Android and iOS devices.

For the low end phone, we are with Facebook Lite. Reliance Geo is a Kioso operating system, and we are also integrated for this.

"We are making solutions for more than 2.2 billion Facebook users globally, 1.5 billion users on WhatsApp and 270 million Indian users on Facebook.

Whether the consumer is young or old, our platform is to help them make right purchase decisions, "Bhushan told IANS.

The Facebook-KPMG study also noted that mobile effects will dominate smartphone purchase trips because of 10 smartphone purchases, 7 mobile will be affected by 2022.

Therefore, these smartphones are the points mentioned on Facebook India to help better connect with brand consumers.

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